Netflix streaming coming soon to Wii

Streaming movie rentals and download only movie purchases are slowing making their way into the main stream. There are now several products on the market that are capable of streaming movies and TV shows from the Netflix on demand library. This week Netflix and Sony announced that the streaming service was coming to the PS3.

Streamingmedia reports that it has confirmed that Netflix streaming is coming soon to the Nintendo Wii. The publication claims to have received images from an unnamed source proving the service was coming to the Wii. Microsoft has to be mad right now after it announced exclusive streaming for the Xbox.

The PS3 streaming service requires a disc be placed in the PS3 at all times. This was evidentially done to skirt the exclusive agreement in place with Microsoft. I wonder how the Wii service will work. According to the unnamed source, the streaming service is set to hit the Wii before the end of the year. However, there is also a report that the service could be delayed until the Wii HD launches supposedly in early 2010.