Best Buy taking pre-orders on Motorola DROID now

If you are a fan of Android-powered smartphones, you have probably been following the new Motorola DROID with interest. We got all hands on with the DROID earlier this week and the handset is very cool. Best Buy has announced that it is now taking pre-orders for the DROID in its stores at Best Buy Mobile kiosks.

I love the fact that Best Buy understands how customers hate mail-in rebates. If you go to your local Verizon store, you will pay $299 for the handset and then have to mail in your information and get $100 back through the mail. The process typically takes six weeks or more.

You can waltz into Best Buy and the company will sell you the device to $199.99 with a new two-year activation with no mail-in rebates. The rebates are applied automatically. In case you somehow missed the DROID so far, it has a 3.7-inch screen, 5MP camera, 3G capability, and full access to the Android Market.