Android 2.0 Eclair officially launches [Video]

Google have launched Android 2.0 Eclair, complete with SDK support for developers.  Key changes for the new version of the OS include multiple Google and Exchange account support, two-way contacts sync, the ability to pull in contacts from multiple accounts, the ability to switch methods of communication and accounts within threaded conversations, and a unified email inbox.  There's also new camera functionality, including macro focus and integrated flash support.Video overview after the cut

There's also a new Bluetooth 2.1 API, which Google demo with a game of Android Pong played wirelessly between two different smartphones.  However it will also support OPP and PBAP profiles.  HTML5 support has been added to the browser, together with double-tap zoom, and there's improved graphics hardware acceleration.  Of course thanks to Android 1.6 the platform has support for different display sizes, and with the newest APIs software can easily scale to suit smaller displays such as that found on the HTC Tattoo or larger ones.

Interestingly, as IntoMobile spot, it looks as though Google are demonstrating Android 2.0 on the upcoming Verizon Droid by Motorola.  There's no full shot of the smartphone, but Verizon is listed as the service provider at around the 0:51 point in the video below.  The new smartphone is expected to launch tomorrow.

[via IntoMobile]