Netflix offers details on PS3 streaming service

Yesterday we mentioned that Netflix had revealed its streaming service was coming to the PS3. At the time Netflix made that announcement I immediately though about those claims Microsoft made a while back about being the exclusive streaming partner for Netflix on a game console.

Netflix has shed a bit more light on the PS3 service for Joystiq and that odd disc that you have to request from Netflix has to be in the PS3 to access on demand content. If you are wondering why that is, it seems to be some sort of work around that will allow Netflix to not violate its contract with Microsoft.

Netflix says that an embedded version not requiring the disc will come in the form of a PS3 update in late 2010. My money says that is when the exclusive deal with Microsoft ends and the service can be embedded into the PS3 without a suit. Considering Microsoft made its announcement in September, I would say September is when we will see Netflix embedded in the PS3.