Apple TV 3.0 tipped in new iTunes T&Cs

An upcoming update to the Apple TV has been tipped by a change in Terms & Conditions for the iTunes Store.  The new agreement – which is shown as of today – lists that "you can now use iTunes LPs and iTunes extras on Apple TV with software version 3.0 or higher"; however Apple are yet to release version 3.0 for their set-top box.

It looks likely, then, that not only is a new version of the Apple TV's firmware incoming, but that it will add extra support for some of the newer multimedia features of iTunes that were added in the recent iTunes 9 release.  These included various additional media bonuses intended to encourage the purchase of entire albums rather than "cherry picking" specific tracks; iTunes LP, for instance, mimics the idea of a traditional vinyl LP sleeve with exclusive notes, artwork and the like.

There's also mention of a change in how/when film rentals can be switched between devices.  Apple have been criticised for leaving the Apple TV behind in comparison to the rest of their line-up; SlashGear columnist described the platform as needing to go "from hobby to strategic product".

[via The Loop]