SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: August 6th, 2012

This morning you might as well get your eyes towards the skies because the most fabulous event in space in many, many years has occurred: we've landed on Mars again! You'll be able to read and watch everything surrounding the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover from its Morse code tire tracks to the full landing video as it happened last night! Have a peek at the one detailed photo taken by the rover thus far as well as some of the first collection of photos – and check out the final landing post as well – it's full of celebration!

This is one gigantic project to say the least – congratulations NASA! We've also got a SlashGear 101: NASA's Curiosity Mars Landing Start to Finish for you and a fine feature written entirely by NASA Engineer Gavin Mendeck: Countdown to Mars: Thoughts from a NASA Curiosity engineer!

And don't forget the leaked photo of the landing of the craft as well- parachute and all!

Back here on earth we've got a few more updates from companies that continue to function even though we're drowning in peanuts. AT&T has announced the date for their shared data plans. The Next iPhone's nano-SIM tray had been revealed. There's a new advertisement out for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that we must assume will be out SOON!

Lenovo has let it be known that they're coming up on Windows 8 with love for tablets but a little bit less optimism for ultrabooks. There's a new HTC Proto device out there to take out the One V. It's been said that Steve Jobs was "very receptive" to an iPad mini behind the scenes. And for those of you looking to continue the space travel love fest, don't miss the death cry of a dying sun astronomers have picked up being swallowed by a black hole!