The Daily Slash: November 5 2010

Today it is one gigantic batch of little gadgets and fun items for loving and gifting if that's your deal because guess what, the season for giving these things as gifts is soon approaching. All of these things, Overclocked Radeon HD 6850 video card, Multimedia Color Book IO52 eReader, ApplePeel 520 for iPad, Cobra PhoneLynx, Explorer Camera & Video Recorder for kids, Sharp BD-HP90 3D Blu-ray Player, Puppy Tweets Medallion, Tiny LED Push Pin Lights, Tactile+Plus Stickers, FLEXiT Light Flexible Sheet of LEDs, all of them, they are wild. Then we've got a myTouch 4G review, a column by the name of iVote Therefore I Am, and a column on some Motorola DEFY first-impressions. Read em ALL.

SlashNERDOUT Oh my goodness you do NOT cross a StarTrek fan without receiving a serious ... talking to. Here's what News.Com.Au had to say about a terrible error they made in their publication regarding the USS Enterprise E and the USS Enterprise C. Terrible mistakes were made!

YESTERDAY, a article incorrectly stated that the Star Trek starship USS Enterprise-E, otherwise known as model NNC-1701-E, was the successor to Captain Kirk's original USS Enterprise. It has since been brought to our attention that the NNC-1701-E in fact came two models after Captain Kirk retired and was under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard. ... apologises unreservedly for the error. There was no intention whatsoever to suggest Captain Kirk may have commanded the Galaxy Class Starships Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E. Any damage to the Star Trek brand incurred by the use of the term "hyperspace" is regretful. No malice was intended and a correction to the original article will be made. We also agree that Patrick Stewart is a handsome man, a sentiment expressed by several readers.

Addendum – We're also sorry for any errors in this apology.

Excellent apology, folks, well played on all accounts.

[Via News.Com.Au]

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Overclocked Radeon HD 6850 video card

Multimedia Color Book IO52 eReader

ApplePeel 520 for iPad

Cobra PhoneLynx

Explorer Camera & Video Recorder for kids

Sharp BD-HP90 3D Blu-ray Player

Puppy Tweets Medallion

Tiny LED Push Pin Lights

Tactile+Plus Stickers

FLEXiT Light Flexible Sheet of LEDs

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