FLEXiT Light is a Flexible Sheet of LEDs, Available November 17th

Evan Selleck - Nov 5, 2010
FLEXiT Light is a Flexible Sheet of LEDs, Available November 17th

As we get closer and closer to the holiday shopping season, you’ve probably already begun picking out particular gifts for certain individuals. But, what about the gift for that one person who’s hard to shop for? Or is too picky? Your best bet is to get them something that seems to have no purpose, but just looks cool while doing nothing. That’s exactly what the FLEXiT Light is, and you’re in luck: it will be available during the holiday rush.

The FLEXiT Light is a flexible sheet of LEDs, made from flexible silicone. You can wrap, fold, or bend the sheet to fit any shape that you need, and the LEDs will keep on glowing. The LEDs are 16 Lumen Tech. The sheet can hold onto its shape once you fold it into something, which means that if you have to hang it from a bar to see into a dark corner, it won’t just fall off once you let go.

There are three AA batteries that go into the flat surface at the end of the sheet, which power the device. If you do manage to purchsae the FLEXiT Light, you’ll get a loop that will let you hang the Light, as well as a pair of neodymium magnets, which will let you hang it from metal surfaces. If you’re interested, whether for yourself or someone you love, you can pick it up beginning November 17th from the Striker Store, for the low cost of $29.99.

[via OhGizmo!]

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