T-Mobile Customers Being Shipped Micro SIMs Mistakenly (For iPhones?)

A collection of T-Mobile customers have reported receiving Micro SIMs instead of the Mini SIMs they ordered through the mail. The picture below this paragraph is a photo of such a Micro SIM — lookin good, yes? Now, if you take note of all the devices in the market today and think, think, think, you'll note that these are more than likely intended for the iPad or the iPhone 4. Then there's the fact that T-Mobile stores were also found to be selling iPhone cables today, you've gotta be guessing on an imminent release of something lovely.

To use this larger model for the device you probably ordered it for, you're going to need either an adapter or to go straight down to the store and get a swap. So it's a total conspiracy! Our pals over at Engadget note the fact that if this iConspiracy were true, "Apple would have to provide a new hardware variant that supports AWS 3G," then theres also the fact that there very well could be a different device coming out that needs Micro SIMs, but, well, the most obvious answer is usually the most correct, yes?

[Via Engadget]