GSLO at work on version of ApplePeel 520 for iPad

Shane McGlaun - Nov 5, 2010
GSLO at work on version of ApplePeel 520 for iPad

You may have seen that AppelPeel 520 device surface a few weeks back that is a case for the iPod touch. The ApplePeel 520 turns that iPod touch into a smartphone very much like the iPhone. The Peel 520 is offered in a number of colors and is an all around cool device.

A company called GoSolarUSA has announced that it is funding and developing a larger version of the ApplePeel 520 that will fit the iPad. As cool as the 520 was for the iPod touch, it will be epic for the iPad. If the thing will turn my iPad WiFi version into a 3G packing tablet so I can access the web anywhere is go, I am totally buying it.

Being able to make phone calls from it will be nice too, but honestly I and not likely to carry the big iPad with me enough to use it as my only phone. The company offers no word on pricing for the iPad version of the ApplePeel or when we might see it.

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