Full Rear View Windscreen Monitor Lets You See What's Behind You, On Your Windshield

It's becoming more and more popular: the ability to use a camera, which is connected to a display in a vehicle's dashboard, to let the driver see what's behind them without having to force them to turn around in the driver's seat. While it may have been science fiction years ago, it's now the real thing, so the only logical step for concept designers would be to expand on the idea, and try to make it better. That's what one designer has done, creating the Full-Rear-View Windscreen Monitor.

Designed by Ho-Tzu Cheng, the Full-Rear-View Windscreen Monitor is a high-tech, full-windshield realization to what's already in use. Instead of making you take your eyes off the road to look at a small display in your dashboard, the concept has you just looking up a little bit, and getting to see what's behind you on a gently-curved display that expands the full length of your windshield. And, it's not just what's immediately behind you, either, as the monitor would show you your blind spots, too.

A clever idea, but one that could be problematic if the Straddling Bus does ever make its way to the United States. The other issue could be the usage of the monitor while driving at night, and being able to make sure that the driver can still see out of the windshield easily enough to drive, but still see what's happening in the monitor. Of course, the Full-Rear-View Windscreen Monitor is still just in the concept stage, so all of those smaller details will get worked out eventually.

[via Yanko Design]