Puppy Tweets Medallion Lets Your Dog Tweet With Every Bark

If you're an avid user of Twitter, then you know that updating the micro-blogging service is very important on a day-to-day basis. And if you're a dog owner, then there's probably been a few times where you've felt compelled to tweet something about your lovable animal companion. But, what if you could let your dog tweet on its own? Thanks to a new gadget called the Puppy Tweets medallion, you now can.

You put the medallion on your dog's collar, and then set up the device with a new Twitter account. Once all that is done, every time your dog barks, a randomly generated tweet will be sent out to the Twitter account, which will subsequently post it to the Twitter service. There are 500 messages stored in the medallion, so while that may seem like a lot, it won't be too long at all before repeated messages start showing up on your dog's Twitter account.

The device is available right now, actually, and you can pick it up from Think Geek's website. For the $35 price tag, it's not that expensive of a gift, especially if you've been trying to figure out what to get your dog for Christmas. Talk about the perfect gift.

[via TG Daily]