LeapFrog debuts cool Explorer Camera & Video Recorder for kids

Shane McGlaun - Nov 5, 2010
LeapFrog debuts cool Explorer Camera & Video Recorder for kids

Kids may really want gadgets instead of toys this Christmas, but as parents we know that some kids just aren’t ready for gadgets and aren’t capable of taking care of them. You can give your kids toys that appear to be gadgets though and not worry about them killing the gear (maybe). LeapFrog makes a full line of cool tech stuff for kids and has unveiled the new Leapster Explorer Camera & Video Recorder.

The Camera & Video recorder is an accessory to the Leapster Explorer handheld learning and gaming system. The camera plugs into the expansion port on the bottom of the Explorer and allows the capturing of photos and video directly on the portable learning device.

The camera allows the kid to take, edit, and store up to 1000 pictures. The kids can use the Explorer’s touchscreen to stretch, stamp, and draw on the photos. There are also eight different learning activities that can be played with photos and custom cards for emailing to family can be created with the camera. The camera accessory is available right now for $24.99 and the Leapster Explorer is $69.99.

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