Cobra PhoneLynx lets you cancel your home phone line

I can't get the mental association with Cobra and radar detectors and CB radios out of my head. That's not all the company is about though and its latest product is a new device that will let users make voice calls in their home without needing to keep that home voice line.

The device isn't what you might think at first glance either. It is not a VoIP service that you use with the internet for phone calls. The PhoneLynx is a device that you connect to your home phone and then pair to your mobile phone using Bluetooth.

When the cell phone rings the home phones ring and when you pick up that home phone and dial a call, it goes out over the mobile phone. That is pretty cool and is a device I haven't seen before. The Cobra PhoneLynx system sells for $59.95 and is available right now.