The Daily Slash : July 20, 2011

Today's Daily Slash comes in a bit earlier in the day than usual because we've got a whole wild batch of updates for you and it's a bit of a mid-week roundup as well. You've got to get in on all these updates – there's so many of them you're gonna want to spit! For starters, we've got one gigantic giveaway of tablets and another where you can get a free Spotify invite with no more work done on your part than submitting your email! Then there's a mad magic release of Apple products galore today!

First again let's take a look at these giveaways we've got going on. First we've got Tabletpalooza. This is a giveaway where you're able to win one of five NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor toting Android tablets, this week's tablets being the Acer Iconia Tab A500 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Get out there and win those tablets NOW! Then there's our Spotify giveaway where you've just got to go to a single landing page and submit your email. Simple stuff! ALSO if you're not sure if you've won one of the first weeks of Tabletpalooza, head to our Week 1 and 2 Winners post!

Next we've got a few Featured items you should take a look at, one of them from last week that I think you aught to take another look at since we're using it in all of our most recent Android reviews: Qualcomm's Vellamo benchmarking system – our hands-on testing should let you know everything you need to know. One of the first places you can see this benchmarking system in action is in the SlashGear review of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide. We've also gone hands-on with the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad Tablet.

Then comes the Apple! The Apple MacBook Air has been updated to include some sweet new Sandy Bridge insides and a lovely new Thunderbolt port, the Apple Mac mini has been refreshed with Sandy Bridge and a dual-drive Server, and the Apple Thunderbolt Display has been revealed and it's gigantic and it's awesome. Also you should take a look at Apple's Q3 Earnings as they exceed expectations at $28.57 Billion in revenue and $7.31 Billion in profit.

We've got reviews up of the following:

Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile KeyboardiRiver Story HDSwiftKey Tablet XSwiftkey X for Android HandsetsSpotify Premium Mobile App and ServiceAndroid Market 3.0.26 – still not officially released!

Columnist Don Reisinger lets us know what he thinks in A RIM Apple TV Competitor is the Worst Idea Ever. Philip Berne drops some knowledge with a couple of columns, one called Can the Internet and Nostalgia Get Along? while the other goes by the title Permutations of Relationships on Social Networks. Meanwhile Google's Eric Schmidt has had some controversial things to say lately: first that Google was "left behind" on social then also that Apple's lawsuits are prompted by jealousy and innovation-shortfall.

For a look at a big roundup of everything from last week, head to Rue's SlashGear Weekly Roundup Video – fun for everyone!