The Daily Slash: July 13, 2011

Today there were a handful of leaks that made the whole thing just a big ol' glass of awesome – potential awesome, that is. First lets get to the facts: tomorrow is the official BETA launch of Spotify here in the USA. Spotify is a music streaming service that you pay a monthly fee for to get basically every music track in the universe to your computer and/or your mobile device over the internet – the UK already knows how awesome it is, now it's time for some USA flavors to drop on by. Next: wouldn't you know it? Amazon Android tablets!

Then there's some sweet Photon 4G news, a bit of the ol' 4G LTE hanging around a laptop – get outta there, don't you know that's for mobile?! And some terrible news: the Sony MiniDisc Walkman has officially been retired. Sad news! We've got a couple of amazing columns from two of our best, there's a brand new set of joysticks flying around in the wings, and yes, you can now bonk your Nexus Android devices together to transfer your PayPal cash. Exciting!

Check the cats:

All things Social Networking: There may well be soon some Facebook for Every Phone offering free data and boosted mobile access. On the other hand, Google Blocks Circles as ex-employee drops book – they still print those? Of course, then you'll find that Google+ is Getting Address Book Uploader, so you can be joyous once again.

In PC Computing, there's a White MacBook, Mac mini, and rumors galore. For Games Gamers and Gaming, check out how EA will drop $650 million on Popcap. Lots of cash!

Of course our largest category is Mobile Computing:

Windows Phone: not for tablets!

Nokia N9 nine second adverts

Foxconn blocks iPad production plans

Motorola working on another 10-inch tablet?

Apple attempts to speed Samsung suit, Judge says no way

AT&T grabs Sony's Tablet

Survey says iPhone, RIM, and Android phone owners think they've got 4G when they don't!

Then there's a few Strange Things:

Concrete formed up as LEGO

7Gps WiGig to kill all cables

News Corp drops bid to purchase BSkyB

Sony MiniDisc Walkman Officially Retired

Sony S1 and S2 Tablet Hands-On Reviews

Motorola PHOTON 4G Officially Coming July 31st for $199

Official: Spotify Coming to U.S. Tomorrow

On the Column front:

Is this the chance Netflix rivals have been waiting for? by Don Reisinger

ICANN Destroys Main Street Dot Com by Philip Berne


Tabletpalooza 2011 Giveaway Week 2 : T-Mobile G-Slate!

Tabletpalooza 2011 Giveaway Week 2 : Asus Eee Pad Transformer!

AND check out our Android Market 3.0.26 Hands-On and Review – it's so amazing!