Google+ to get an address book uploader soon

I am not that big of a social network user. I have Google+ account as all of us here at SlashGear do but so far other than adding a very short profile I haven't embraced what Google is offering. I know a lot of people have and for many the big challenge is getting all of your contacts into Google+ from other social networks like Facebook. It would seem with Facebook moving to block the export of friends from its site the dominant social network is a little nervous about competition.

Google knows your pain in trying to get a large number of contacts into Google+ from other applications and it is working to make that importing easier. Google's Rohit Khare has announced that Google is working on a new address book uploader that should roll out to everyone over the next few days. The uploader will take your contacts exported from an email application that does CSV or vCard formats and import them.

Khare says that the uploader won't mix your imported contacts with all of the other Google contacts. The uploader will only store contacts that you put into circles. You can check out the video below of Khare talking about the uploader from YouTube for more details.

[via Google]

Thanks Tom!