Survey finds that a lot of iPhone, RIM, and Android phone owners think they own a 4G phone

There is a lot of confusion in the smartphone realm with people thinking a phone has a particular feature it doesn't have. Many people in stores that sell phones are also telling shoppers things that are wrong and often misleading adding to the confusion. This is especially true with higher end smartphones like the iPhone 4, new RIM devices, and Android smartphones. A recent study by Retrevo found that the most confused group of smartphone owners is the iPhone user.

According to the survey 34% of iPhone 4 users think they have a 4G smartphone already. Considering Apple doesn't make a 4G smartphone, the assumption of many owners is not correct in the least. The confusion is understandable though thanks to the 4 in the smartphone name. Some current 4G services are true 4G like WiMax and LTE and others are nothing but faster 3G services making 4G a confusing topic on its own. iPhone owners aren't the only group confused though.

The survey found that 24% of RIM users believe that they have 4G tech inside their phones. Android users are a bit more difficult to figure. The survey found that 29% of Android users think they have 4G. Some of these users may in fact have 4G since there are a couple 4G Android smartphones out. I doubt all of the 29% have a 4G device though leaving a good number of confused Android owners too.

[via MacRumors]