The Daily Slash: December 30 2010

Chris Burns - Dec 30, 2010
The Daily Slash: December 30 2010

Take a peek at the latest in a long line of demo movies for the Notion Ink Adam Android Honeycomb tablet: Panel System and Desktop. Discover why CES is important (and what it is if you don’t know by now) in the first SlashGear article by fabulous tech pro writer Tim Bajarin: The importance of CES and what to expect in 2011! Break into PS3 security, grab your very own Sharp Galapagos Android tablet, and stay clean of the new Geinimi Android virus! Finally, get completely excited and run around the room screaming and kicking because we’ve got a full guide and demo of the brand new leaked Android Honeycomb Music Player – everything you need to know to get it working for you! All this and MORE on The Daily Slash!

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Editor’s Choice
Watch a Leica M9 get built on video! [FUN!]
fail0verflow hacker group discovers epic PS3 security bypass [BROKEN!]
Mushkin adds more RAM kits to cool Radioactive line [BRILLIANT]
Motorola DROID XOOM tablet has optional LTE 4G modem [PUMP IT UP!]

Skype for iPhone Now Supports Video Calling
Verizon Wireless to Demo Home Monitoring and Control Service at CES 2011
Micro-USB Charging Port to be Standard for Mobile Phones
AT&T Deploying More WiFi Hotzones

Android Community
Hybrid combines iPhone/Android/Game Boy into geeky mashup
Android app for French hunters lets you share pics and more while on the hunt
Sharp Galapagos tablets headed to US early in 2011
Rockchip RK29xx benchmarked on way to affordable 1080p phones & tablets [Video]
Creative Zen Touch 2 Android 2.1 PMP crosses FCC on way to US
Geinimi Android trojan piggybacks 3rd-party apps & sends personal info to hackers
Motorola DROID XOOM tablet has optional LTE 4G modem
Android Honeycomb Music Player: Full Guide [Early Leak]
Notion Ink Demos Adam Panel System and Desktop in Eden
EVO 4G Shift Coming January 9th, Accessories Already Available
CyanogenMod-6.1.2 Released to Support Newer Hardware EVOs
[How To] McGyver Your Android’s Battery
Chinese New Year Android Mini Toy Added to Official Collectible Ranks
Android Honeycomb Tablet from LG due at CES
Android Tablet with Phone Function by ViewSonic to be Showed Off at CES
Tired of Read Only? MAGLRD for HD2 Lets you Boot Directly to Android!
Motorola Olympus may be unveiled on AT&T at CES
NFL Reciever Chad Ochocinco to Catch a XOOM Honeycomb Tablet in 2011
Samsung Aims for Number 1 Spot in Mobile, Decides to Replace Nokia in 3 Very Short Years
Sprint Vogue Successfully Receives Gingerbread Port
Best Buy Not Able To Activate Nexus S Due to Server Issues?
Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Update: Delayed until further notice
HTC SCRIBE: New tablet computer in the making
Gingerbread Ported To HTC Diamond and Touch Pro
Barnes & Noble Rolling Out Remote Resets on Rooted NookColors
Universal Battery Icon Mod Released for Android
PacMap Location-Based Game Updated

Kindle ebook loans now available
LucidLogix Virtu dynamic GPU system for Intel Sandy Bridge revealed
Google carrier ambitions the “nuclear option” says analyst
Skype iPhone video calls could eat AT&T data plan in under an hour
Apple should buy Netflix says analyst as iTunes rentals surge
RIM deny Indian BlackBerry monitoring claims
Phoenix Gold to show OEM integration i-Series car amp at CES 2011
Smart TV could overwhelm the internet warns analyst
Watch a Leica M9 get built on video!
Inderes estimates Nokia shipped 3.5 to 4M Nokia N8 smartphones in Q4
fail0verflow hacker group discovers epic PS3 security bypass
AMD to officially announce Brazos netbook and tablet platform at CES 2011
Gigabyte Q2005 netbook gets Atom N550 love
US Android geeks can get Sharp Galapagos tablets in early 2011
Mushkin adds more RAM kits to cool Radioactive line
Verizon to show off new connected home and home automation gear at CES
LG to “actively respond” to Sony patent lawsuit over phone infringement
ABI Research predicts 7 trillion SMS messages will be sent in 2011
RIM deny PlayBook power problems: any testing was on “pre-beta” units
Android Geinimi trojan infecting phones through side-loaded apps
B&N NOOK2 trademark application tips next ereader?
Apple’s Verizon iPhone unveil by February 14 claims insider
Skype for iPhone adds video calling over 3G/WiFi [Video]
Motorola DROID XOOM tablet to have optional 4G LTE, go on sale February 14?
LG Smart TV Upgrader ST600 makes your dumb HDTV internet-connected
ASUS Eee Pad EP71, EP101, EP102 and EP121 get short-lived tease
Ford SYNC Destinations app remotely programs your PND
Android 3.0 Honeycomb Music Player Leaked, Ready for Download [UPDATE: Not for Everyone!]
Notion Ink Demos Adam Leaves System and Desktop
China Takes Aim at Internet Phone Services to Protect State-Owned Telephone Companies
LG Tablet Running Android to be Shown Off at CES 2011
Zap Cane Hides a Flashlight & One Million Volt Charge
Mobius Strip Lamp Concept Design Aims to Streamline the Clutter
THKR-4 Humanoid Robot will Rub Your Shoulders, Pour You a Drink [Video]
Hopewell Culture and Design Aims at Apple, Others in Double-Click Lawsuit
Human Touch Invites Publishers to Massage Chair Event
Samsung Mobile Display to Showcase 19-Inch qFHD Transparent AMOLED at CES 2011
Facebook Visited More Than Google in 2010, Traffic Analyst Firm Says
Sprint Branded 3G/4G MiFi 4082 Image Appears Online
HP dv7 Laptop with Intel’s Sandy Bridge Inside Purchased, Photographed
B&N NOOKcolor took retailer’s top spot; almost 1m ebooks sold on Dec 25 [Updated]
“Apple will totally do a 7-inch device” insists lead Android advocate
The importance of CES and what to expect in 2011 [COLUMN]
Sanyo GOPAN rice-bread machine is crazy sales success in Japan [Video]
Apple Ping-style shopping network app detailed in patent application

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