US Android geeks can get Sharp Galapagos tablets in early 2011

Shane McGlaun - Dec 30, 2010, 6:00am CST
US Android geeks can get Sharp Galapagos tablets in early 2011

Late last month Sharp offered up a price on the Galapagos Android tablets for Japan. The things were selling for the equivalent of $474 for the 5.5-inch tablet and $654 for the 10.8-inch version. If the tablets piqued your interest, but you live in the US, we have good news for you. Sharp has announced that the tablets will be coming to the US and other countries in early 2011.

The tablets will hit the States first and then be rolled out to China and India. Sharp also reportedly plans to roll out the Galapagos content service in America along with the tablets. The content service is basically a bookstore with other content for the devices like digital magazines that supports the EPUB format.

Sharp will undoubtedly be working hard to get publishers to put their content on the content store. On the hardware side of things the tablets that land in the US are expected to be versions of those Japanese tablets we mentioned last month with 3G in addition to the WiFi. Pricing for the US is not verified at this time. I hope they come in at a lower price than the converted prices for the Japanese offerings, they seem expensive to me compared to other tablets.

Via Android Community

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