Verizon to show off new connected home and home automation gear at CES

Shane McGlaun - Dec 30, 2010
Verizon to show off new connected home and home automation gear at CES

The ability to control many of the things inside your home from the road is cool. For instance if you get to work and realize you left your door unlocked, you can connect with a automated home online and lock the door. If the weather changes while you are away and you want the house to be just the right temperature when you get home, you can adjust the thermostat online. These things are but a few of the items you can do with a connected home.

Verizon has announced that it will be showing off a new Home Monitoring and Control service at CES 2011 that will “make the connected home a reality.” The new service is apparently going to be offered only to those that use the FiOS service since FiOS is needed to connect to your home via the smartphone or computer the owner uses.

Verizon will start a pilot program in New Jersey this January for the new Home monitoring and Control service. Homes selected for the pilot program will be fitted with an energy reader, smart appliance switches, and thermostats. Other things used will include a smart power strip, smart door and window locks, motion sensors, pan and tilt cameras, and fixed cameras inside and outside the home. The user will be able to view and control all of the hardware over the web via any connected device. Verizon when this comes to Texas, I want in.

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