Mobius Strip Lamp Concept Design Aims to Streamline the Clutter

Evan Selleck - Dec 30, 2010
Mobius Strip Lamp Concept Design Aims to Streamline the Clutter

We haven’t really noticed it, but apparently the current design for street lights, along with the way that we tell pedestrians its safe to walk across the street, is cluttered. Designer Kisung Lee looks to change all of that with the latest concept design for a street light. This one is called the Mobius Strip Lamp, and it’s meant to bring all of the necessary aspects of a street light into one, streamlined design.

The design is implemented as an all-in-one idea. You have the traffic signal at the top, which is placed after a twist in the pole itself. The display is horizontal, but what looks like LEDs would be used to display either red, yellow, or green along the entirety of its face. The number seems to point that it would be counting down until the next light transition. However, with the design, we can’t help but think that those with a vision impairment like color blindness may not be able to actually use these lights very effectively.

Following the twist in the other direction, you have a regular street light, which will help light up the area during the night. Along the main part of the body of the Mobius Strip Lamp, you’ll find a large area much like the main street signal part, this time positioned vertically. Green means that it is safe for pedestrians to walk, with another digit to show the time remaining before the signal changes. The Mobius Strip Lamp is another winner of the Red Dot Concept Design award.

[via Yanko Design]

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