SlashGear Week in Review - Week 24 2011

Welcome to this week's edition of the SlashGear Week in Review. This week we covered both E3 and WWDC making for a very busy week focused on Apple and gaming. WWDC was all about software with no hardware unveiled. We rounded up ten of the cool new features of Mac OSX Lion in one story, and they are cool features. A really cool and expensive custom home theater with a pirate the more surfaced early in the week. The photos are renderings that show what the theater that is under construction right now will look like.

During WWDC iCloud went official and we learned all of the details on the new offering. You can learn all about the features of iCloud and they sound really cool in this story. During WWDC we also learned that OS X Lion would be offered in the Mac App store next month for only $30. I wish we could expect Microsoft to try and match that price with Windows.

The HTC Sensation is rumored to have a "Death Grip" issue like the iPhone 4 had. HTC has naturally denied any such issue with the smartphone despite some user reports to the contrary. Ben did his analysis thing with the new features that Apple is offering on iOS and OS X. The features will certainly be enough to keep Mac and iOS fans happy.

At E3 the Xbox 360 was announced to come in a new limited edition Gears of War 3 design. The bundle will include the console, a controller, and a copy of the game and the design looked really cool. After only a few hours of being available to download iOS 5 was jailbroken. The tethered jailbreak used the limera1n exploit and a tethered boot.

Apple unveiled the iMessage feature that will not be liked by carriers. The new feature allows for free SMS messaging and will mean that some users kill off their texting plans. Vince went hands on with the cool Nintendo Wii U at E3. You can check out the hands on video here.

Nintendo offered the full features and details on the Wii U at E3. If you want to learn all there is to know this side of pricing and availability in one story, this is it. Steve Jobs revealed a new campus for Apple that is planned for construction in Cupertino. The campus is described as a spaceship and looks like a big ring.

The OnLive Player for iPad and Android tablets broke cover at E3 last week. The OnLive Player will allow the tablet users to play any one of about 100 games on the tablet. HTC promised an unlocked bootloader for the Sensation smartphones. The Sensation devices were ready to ship before HTC promised to deliver the unlocked loaders on its devices.

We rounded up all the announcements for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo at E3 and put them into one article. This is the cheat sheet to all the cool unveilings. If you want a short and to the point overview of WWDC 2011 in a few minutes we have that too. You can get the highlights from WWDC here.

HP's TouchPad is set to hit the US on July 1 from $500. This tablet runs WebOS and is the first tablet to use the new operating system. Citi has admitted that hackers gained access to its servers. The hackers stole data on about 200,000 cardholders.

Microsoft announced that it would sell three HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphones for only a penny. The devices include the HTC Trophy, Arrive, and HD7. A man has invented an awesome Hoverbike that is classified as an ultralight. The thing reminds us of the Star Wars bikes that raced around the forest in Return of the Jedi.

Last year Apple rejected an app called WiFi Sync over security concerns and other things. The same exact feature with the same name and a very similar logo has now turned up in iOS 5. Samsung has launched the first commercial for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It makes fun of the iPad 2's lack of Flash support.

Chris posted up his review of the HTC Salsa late in the week. Chris thinks the Salsa is an odd phone and the Facebook button makes little sense this time around. Geeks digging into iOS 5 have found confirmation that the iPhone 5 will have 1080p video export and an 8MP camera. That 8MP camera has been rumored by several sources.

LulzSec has taken its collective hacker eyes off Sony for a bit and used them for something else. The hacker group has taken down the terrorist site Thanks for reading this week's edition of the Week in Review, see you next time!