OS X Lion Available in App Store for $30 in July 2011

In a massively impressive move that will certainly have the rest of the software companies still in existence quivering in their collective shorts, Apple revealed that their newest operating system OS X Lion would be available in July, in their app store for easy download, and available for a mere $29.99. This download is therefor $100 cheaper than the last OS X upgrade and is only a 4GB download.

In addition to this tiny size and tiny price, you'll be able to download this app in your front without a reboot. And you'll be able to put it on all of your personally authorized Macs. Did they just tell us that we'd be able to pirate the software for ourselves? No, just that we wouldn't have to re-pay over and over again as we've had to do in the past should we want multiple copies for our separate masses of laptops. This version of OS X will be available for preview later today also, so stick with us here on SlashGear for more updates throughout this whole process!