Citi admits hackers stole data on 200,000 card holders

Hackers are tearing up the security of some of the largest companies in the world left and right today like its nothing. Sony was hacked recently with data on hoards of users of the PSN being stolen and services are still not completely back online. If you were a PSN user that had your data stolen in that hack and happened to have payment info in your account with a Citi credit card things are doubly grim for you today with Citi admitting that their network has been compromised.

Citigroup has said that hackers gained access to its network and were able to grab details on about 200,000 bank card holders. Citi has stated that the data stolen includes the name, account number, and contact details for the card holders. The contact information includes email addresses as well. Citi maintains that details like the birth date, social security number, and credit card expiration date along with the CVV codes for the credit cards were not hacked.

I can tell you from sad experience that thieves don't need the CVV to be able to use your credit card online at many sites. The thing that will anger many customers is that the breach occurred in May and Citi is just now admitting it happened. That means that the card owner's information has been in the wind for possibly up to a month without their knowledge even though Citi knew about the breach. What gives with all the hacks lately? Have hackers just realized that major companies have been lax with security and started hacking in force?

[via Reuters]