LulzSec Takes Down Terrorist site

LulzSec has taken its sights off Sony for a moment and directed its efforts at, a purported terrorist site. We don't know the official definition of what constitutes a terrorist site, but after checking out it could certainly fit the bill. The Lulz Boat took credit for nuking the site, and added the taunt "ujelly." Even though was only temporarily brought down, Props to the Lulz team. It isn't often we see hackers spun positively in the news.

The ujelly taunt is web-speak for "you jealous." It was directed at another hacker group that uses the handle @th3j35t3r. We are not going to get involved in any hacker rivalry, but it makes us wonder how many of these attacks against terrorists go unreported. We don't think Sony should take this as a reason to get too comfortable just yet; there may be plenty of domestic attacks on the way. Nothing special announced for Sony just yet, the current LulzSec chatter seems to be directed at porn sites and their subscribers. We aren't going there either.

Maybe the FBI should hire some of these groups to fight for freedom full time. It seems the two reactions to hackers have always been to hire them or to prosecute them. Recently the latter has not been overwhelmingly successful; in fact, it seems to only spawn more attacks. What do you think? Are groups like LulzSec freedom fighters, or just trouble makers?

[via LulzSec]