Samsung commercial pokes fun at iPad 2's lack of Flash

Here we go again. It seems like most of the tablet makers on the market today think that they can toss a tablet out that is similar to the iPad on a different OS and just sell droves of the things because the tablet supports Flash. I think that the gigantic lead the iPad 2 has in the tablet market should show other makers that they need more than Flash support to beat Apple in the tablet game. If they offered a tablet for a lot less money than the iPad 2 with similar specs and Flash support, then they get my attention.

Samsung has put the first of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 commercials on YouTube for geeks to check out. Naturally, the ad shows a bunch of people using the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to do all sorts of things. One scene shows a man and a woman at a business meeting where a flash file is needed. The woman is using the iPad 2 and can't get flash while the Tab 10.1 runs the flash video no problem. The caption reads, "See Flash Run." Samsung doesn't point out that the lady is using the iPad 2, but I recognize the Smart Cover easily enough.

The commercial is fine and good, but does Samsung really think Flash alone will sell this tablet? Has history in the tablet market taught them nothing? What do you think about the ad? I think the Galaxy Tab 10.1 may well be the most viable competitor to the iPad 2, but Samsung needs to do more than tout Flash to get my money.

[via Android Community]