Pirate home theater would be at home on the Black Pearl

I am a big home theater fan and have a decent theater set up in my media room. It's nothing compared to the home theaters that some of the rich folks out there get. These rich geeks don't stop at just getting the most awesome projector and sound system they can find. These well-heeled fans of movies at home go all out and put themed theater rooms inside their houses. I am particularly fond of the Star Wars themed theaters that we have seen in the past.

I can certainly appreciate other cool themed home theaters though. One of the cooler themes that I haven't seen done yet is a pirate theme like the renders you see here. Apparently, the renders were to show the customer what the finished product would look like and the actual theater is under construction right now inside some lucky movie fans home.

The thing looks like the deck of a ship complete with sails and barrels. The seats are giant looking oversized captain's chairs and they don't appear from the render to have much in the way of stadium seating integrated. I don't even want to think how much this theater will cost. I would like to know what theater hardware they will be using for something this cool looking.

[via Gizmodo]