SlashGear Week in Review - Week 16 2011

Welcome to this week's edition of the SlashGear Week in Review! It has been another busy week in the tech world with all sorts of cool and new tech and gear turning up so let's get to it. Monday Adobe Photoshop touch apps for the iPad surfaced that allow the user to interact with content on Photoshop running on a computer using the Apple tablet. It's really cool and turns the iPad into a heck of a drawing pad.

Apple has been going about its business and hiring new employees for key positions inside the company. A couple of the new hires at Apple were former gaming company marketing types leading to the conclusion that Apple might be getting ready to take on Sony and Nintendo in the gaming realm. Some cool parody videos surfaced this week that use characters from Star Wars to spoof the Windows ads where people say they came up with Windows 7 features. There are three ads with Vader, Chewy, and a storm trooper.

Korg is famous for synthesizers and the latest it a drum synth called the Wavedrum that turns your table or desktop into a drum kit. The synth has a clamp for the desk surface and it has a pad on it as well that you can drum on. The Asus Eee Transformer was released last week in the UK. A geek needed only the one day to root the tablet and crack it open for all sorts of other possibilities.

We put up our review of the interesting Looxie Bluetooth video camera this week. We used the camera with a HTC ThunderBolt smartphone. We liked it and think you should get one, assuming you can stand looking odd with a camera on your ear. A crack for Apple AirPlay has surfaced that opens the door for unofficial streaming. You can bet that a fix will be coming as soon as possible from Apple to fix that hole.

The US Navy tested out a new laser that is mounted on a ship this week. The laser was able to target a small boat and disable it with FIRE, FIRE, yeah, yeah. The HTC Sensation leaked on video and the video showed off one of the cool new features that will be on the smartphone when it goes public. The video focused on the new Sense launcher.

Suppliers have told DigiTimes that the iPad 3 isn't coming this year. I don't think any of us were surprised considering the iPad 2 just landed. Researchers have used the display on the iPad 2 to offer up a cool 3D effect that need no glasses. The front camera was used to track the users face for 3D viewing.

Sony dropped its PS3 jailbreak lawsuit against GeoHot this week. I am sure George is relieved and the terms of the resolution with Sony and GeoHot haven't been disclosed. The HTC Sensation qHD 1.2GHz smartphone launched officially this week. The device is packed with high-end features and runs Android 2.3.3.

Kitchen gadgets are cool and one of the new ones spied this week was the Steak Button. You poke this thing into your steak and it tells you what temperature your steak is at in plain language so you know that it is cooked just right. A document about the alleged Roswell UFO crash in the late 40's turned up on the FBI Vault site. The document recounts what an FBI agent was told by an investigator from the Air Force.

A really cool and expensive personal brewery surfaced that brews your beer for you mid-week. The thing brews, ferments, and then cools and dispenses the beer. A massive super jumbo jet clipped a smaller jet on the ground this week at JFK airport. The larger plane spun the small aircraft around and thankfully, no one was hurt, though some underpants probably needed replacing.

Spotify is apparently getting set to place limits on how much free music that users of the service can hear. The limits are to get the users to upgrade to the paid service and when Spotify finally lands in the US, it will have these limits in place as part of the agreements with the record labels. Users of Windows Phone 7 will finally get Angry Birds on May 25. This is one of the most popular games around on mobile platforms.

HP's coming webOS 3.0 was leaked and the geeks at PreCentral got hands on it. The OS is set to land officially on HP devices this summer. We caught Samsung's demo of Smart TV Live streaming to the Galaxy Tab on video this week. The feature can shoot that video out to the Tab from the D7000 and D8000 series Smart TVs.

Duck Tape brand duct tape unveiled some cool new square tape sheets late in the week that will be perfect for DIY fans. The squares are about $10 for a pack of six or $2 each and come in different colors and patterns. The Microsoft Xbox 360 is still tops in console sales so far in 2011. The claim comes from NPD with the Xbox moving 433,000 units in March.

We did our unboxing thing with the T-Mobile G2x smartphone and offered up some hands on thoughts yesterday. The phone is pretty cool and a full review will be coming soon. The people at Instructables have a new DIY step-by-step that shows you how to make your own Angry Birds that are edible. The look pretty cool and remind me of clay more than something edible. That's it for this week. Thanks for reading, see you next week!