Xbox 360 Remains King in 2011

Chris Burns - Apr 14, 2011
Xbox 360 Remains King in 2011

As of March 2011, Xbox 360 is and remains the number one selling console in the entirety of the United States. This is judged based on console and software sales as well as continued consumer demand for the accessory known as Kinect, aka the fastest selling consumer electronics device in 60 days in recorded history. Sounds pretty impressive, yes? Let’s go through a few highlights that’ll continue to make your brain melt all over the floor.

What are we quoting here, you might ask, what’s our source? This information is presented to us by the NPD Group based on a study completed in March of 2011. The Kinect statistic, or record rather, is in the Guinness Book of World Records. This next factoid, also from the NPD group (as are the rest of the statistics in this post: ) Xbox 360 sold a total of 433,000 units in the month of March 2011, holding on strong to the number one console spot in the USA.

Next, compared to last year, aka “year over year” compared to last year, Xbox 360 console sales increased 28 percent. This is the largest growth of any current generation console on the market today. Also amongst current generation consoles, Xbox holds the highest mark for total amount spent on a platform (hardware, software and accessories,) at $457 million.

Finally, again in March, four of the top ten console games were for Xbox 360. These games included “Homefront,” “Dragon Age II,” “Crysis 2,”and “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” Of course Microsoft will expect these figures to continue to impress as Kinect will have Netflix and Hulu Plus activated alongside a plethora of additional games, as always.

I’m thinking of getting a Kinect to exercise – what do you think?

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