Star Wars ads mock Microsoft Windows 7 Ads in epic manner

I bet we have all seen those goofy ads that Microsoft uses to push Windows 7. The ads are designed to make you think that everyone had a hand in designing Windows 7 and shows supposedly real people in various settings as they had ideas for features that are in Windows 7 today. A geek has taken that commercial idea and made it much more entertaining than Microsoft was able to do.

The premise is that the ads are for all the people that had the idea for the Death Star. The geeky videos show people in some cool Star Wars costumes talking abut when they had their big Death Star idea. I wonder how happy George Lucas will be about these ads.

You have Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and good ol' TK-421 all talking about their ideas. These things were apparently produced with real costumes and green screens to add the background. I really like the Chewbacca video with the Storm Trooper doing sign language in the bottom corner. I wonder if that trooper is really singing anything or if he is just going through the motions. Check out the videos below.

[via Dvice]