No iPad 3 in 2011 says supplier

Apple is generally as regular as grandma on Doxidan when it comes to new product releases. We can typically count on a product being refreshed once a year when they are popular and important like the iPad and the iPhone. As the geek world commonly does, as soon as one new product is unveiled the rumors and speculation on the replacement for it start.

Such is the case with the rumors swirling already about the iPad 3. DigiTimes reports that its check of component suppliers has found that the iPad 3 is not likely for this year. Rumors have been making rounds lately that Apple is getting ready to move to AMOLED panels or a full HD resolution support on the iPad 3 in Q3 2011.

Apple has been asking suppliers for screens that are higher resolution, but these suppliers note that the project is likely in the starting stages of development and products are unlikely to surface this year. The sources also note that Samsung controls most of the AMOLED capacity in the market and since Apple and Samsung are competing in the tablet market sourcing panels from Samsung would mean Apple was using tech held by competitors.

[via DigiTimes]