Angry Birds For Windows Phone 7 Launching May 25th

We had just mentioned that Rovio is working on a project to allow the Angry Birds game to sync across all platforms, and now we can definitively add to that the Windows Phone 7 platform. Despite some bad blood between Microsoft and Rovio previously, the two companies have reconciled and promised an Angry Birds version to hit WP7 very soon. Today, Microsoft confirmed the game will be arriving on May 25th.

The Angry Birds phenomenon has dominated the iOS and Android gaming charts and will now take WP7 by storm. This new version of Angry Birds will feature 195 action-packed levels of larcenous pig busting. The game will be featured in the XBox Live segment of the WP marketplace for your downloading pleasure.

It was originally expected to launch on WP7 in February but was delayed by legal matters. Now the issues seem to be all cleared up, and Microsoft chose to confirm the launch date during their keynote at the MIX 11 event in Las Vegas today. During which they also announced multi-tasking coming this Fall to their new WP7 version codenamed Mango.

[via TechRadar]