Angry Birds To Get Game Syncing Across All Platforms

Angry Birds parent company Rovio announced via Twitter today that they are in the works to make the hugely popular game sync-able across all platforms. This is awesome news for all you Angry Birds addicts out there because this means you no longer have to start the game from scratch if you switch devices.

Rovio Mobile tweeted today that the plan is to sync across all platforms which is indeed a pretty big project, but they auspiciously added that they are getting close.

So normally, when you switch devices, say you're upgrading your current iPhone to a new Android phone like the HTC Sensation, you would lose the levels you've beat and start the game all over. Rovio is trying to eliminate this problem.

It's a move that other game makers should take note of as well. It's not certain when they plan to unleash this new feature or how they plan to implement it except that it will likely launch before Summer.

[via Android Community]