Transformer Rooted

@PaulOBrien managed to root his new Transformer in just day. The tablet/netbook hybrid was just released on an Amazon UK exclusive yesterday. Today, it's hacked, just one day after release. "all your Transformers are belong to us. :-P " he said along with the image post. Asus plans to release the tablet to a wider audience on May 1st. Make your time.

The specifics of the rooting process are still up in the air. The image here is the first bit of bragging that @PaulOBrien decided to post. There should be more details on the process forthcoming as Paul gets everything together. I'm looking forward to it already. We'll keep you posted.

In other news, Chris Davies is the lucky jerk who got to play with our Transformer. He also wrote about it, took some pictures, and made a video. It's posted here. Lucky. Also, we have commendations for the quick work by @PaulOBrien and his buddy @BumbleDroid.

[via AC]