Steak Button tells you when your steak is done just right

Steak is a big deal in Texas. In fact more than one backyard cook out has been ruined by a cook not paying attention. An overcooked steak can get you shot in Texas, beef is serious business. One cardinal sin in the grilling world is to cut the steak open to see how pink it is.

That lets out all the juice and leads to a dry steak, which again can get you shot. What you need to avoid overcooking that beef is one of these Steak Buttons. This is a little thermometer that you can poke into the steak that is graded in something that steak fans can understand.

Rather than just listing degrees in a range and you having to figure out of 160-degrees is medium or medium well. This thing just says rare, medium, and well. The lines between will represent medium-rare and medium-well. Just don't mess around and end on the far side of that well mark. You can get four of them for $20.

[via Uncrate]