SlashGear Week In Review - Week 15 2010

Hello gang, and welcome to this week's edition of the Week in Review. Tons of stuff happened last week, the iPad, and the new iPhone OS were some of the top news items for the week. Analysts claimed that 74% of iPad buyers were Mac owners and 66% had iPhones. I am not surprised by that at all.

Those crazy Will it Blend guys took a shiny new iPad, crammed it into their blender, and ground it to dust. The probably could have sold the iPad dust to the Apple fairies to sprinkle on the heads of geeks while they sleep. We learned this week that there are three iPhone OS 4.0 variants floating around. It's said to be common for Apple to test multiple versions of a new OS at one time.

Microsoft launched the update for the Zune HD 4.5 and it is available now. The update adds cool new features like Smart DJ mix, an expanded codec, and the Zune HD was announced in a 64GB capacity. If you are a fan of the original Battlestar Galactica series, you have to appreciate this slick car. The car is street legal and looks like one of the Vipers from the original show.

Early in the week we reviewed the Hercules eCAFE EC-1000W netbook. In the end, the netbook looks different from the masses, but the price for performance is too high. The Lenovo C200 AIO with Ion 2 was unveiled this week along with the new IdeaPad S10-3s. The AIO has an 18.5-inch screen and includes a DVD drive and lots more.

ATI whipped out its FirePro V8800 graphics card mid-week. It is claimed to be the most powerful professional video card ever. OCZ introduced the new Z-Drive series SSDs this week that plugs into PCI-E slots. The PCI-E connectivity it said to remove throughput bottlenecks the SATA 3Gbps port has.

Onkyo debuted a new netbook this week called the MX1007A4 with a processor that is slow — the Atom Z515. However, the power-sipping rig promises 14.4 hours of battery life. The ugly and expensive Prive phone turned up mid-week. It's a late 80's style brick phone covered in real gold and diamonds costing as much as a house.

Amazon listed an intriguing 3D TV that needs no glasses to view and has a built-in Blu-ray player this week. The catch was there are no pics and the StreamTV maker is not a company we have heard of. The cool looking Archos 7 tablet cleared the FCC this week. That should me we see the thing on the market soon to fight the iPad.

The checks resulting from the settlement over the class action suit for iPod nano first gen owners. The checks were for $37.50.

Dish unveiled the coolest DVR in its line called the VIP 922. The DVR has Slingbox tech inside and has a 1TB HDD. That long awaited Eee Keyboard got its own video promo late in the week. We still don't know when the thing will hit store shelves.

An Apple patent turned up this week outlining NFC transaction tech for the iPhone. The patent shows how the iPhone could be used to pay for things like a credit card. Super Talent unveiled a new line of dirt cheap SSDs this week that don't offer tons of performance, but only cost $65. Capacities range from 8GB to 64GB.

Creative launched new ZEN PMPs this week including the X-Fi Style, Style 100, and Style 300 PMPs. The line is very colorful and the X-Fi version has a 2.4-inch TFT screen. The big news of the week was the iPhone 4.0 OS event. You can glean most of the details of the new OS by checking out our iPhone OS 4.0 wrap up. Thanks for reading!