iPad gets "Will It Blend" treatment, outcome grim [Video]

Given the number of people desperate for one, it seems vaguely upsetting to put a brand new Apple iPad in a blender, but with the collective SlashGear inbox filling up with vacuous app press releases we've got to vent somehow.  The Blendtec team are asking the old "Will It Blend?" question again, and at the risk of spoiling the video the answer is "yes".iPad blender video after the cut

Blendtec, in case you've forgotten, are the people behind a range of high-powered blenders.  A few years back they discovered that people are far more interested in watching videos of destroyed gadgets than they are healthy smoothies, and so a meme was born.

In the end, the iPad is turned into grey, unappealing dust that you probably shouldn't inhale.  If you're after a more balanced opinion, of course, with somewhat fewer rotating blades but a lot more usability feedback, check out the full SlashGear iPad review.