Dish VIP 922 Slingbox DVR lands

I live in an area where the local cable company has all of five HD channels. That means that 99% of the homes in my neighborhood use satellite with DirecTV or Dish Network. I really like the DirecTV service I use since it offers more HD stations than Dish. Dish has a new DVR that makes me jealous though.

The new Dish VIP 922 DVR packing Slingbox technology inside has launched. The device is the first DVR in the world to integrate Slingbox tech inside and since Dish parent company EchoStar owns Sling Media the odds of the tech making its way to other satellite providers is nil.

The DVR also has a 1TB drive which make same weep for the paltry 20GB HDD inside my DirecTV DVR. The Sling tech inside should mean that tossing your recorded shows onto other screens around the house is a breeze. Official pricing isn't offered, but rumors peg the price at $695 outright or $200 for a lease. A lease with a satellite provider means you give them the $200 and they let you use the DVR as long as you keep the service, cancel and the DVR goes back to them.