SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: July 13, 2011

Boy what an odd morning. Confusion over who has the 4G in their pockets and who doesn't, some more legal business that everyone LOVES to hear about, and of course EA will be purchasing Popcap for more than $650 million bucks, CASH! We've got some Apple news of course on the release front (think WHITE) and Google, on the other end of the spectrum, is stopping up some circles before they start. Concrete, Nokia, and believe it or not, no Windows Phone for tablets!

First, on the Social Networking front:

Facebook for Every Phone offering free data and boosted mobile access

Google Blocks Circles as ex-employee drops book

Survey says iPhone, RIM, and Android phone owners think they've got 4G when they don't!

Google+ Getting Address Book Uploader


White MacBook, Mac mini, rumors galore


EA to drop $650 million on Popcap


Windows Phone: not for tablets!

Nokia N9 nine second adverts

Foxconn blocks iPad production plans

Motorola working on another 10-inch tablet?

Apple attempts to speed Samsung suit, Judge says no way

AT&T grabs Sony's Tablet


Concrete formed up as LEGO

7Gps WiGig to kill all cables

News Corp drops bid to purchase BSkyB

AND don't forget our first on the web Android Market 3.0.26 Hands-On and Review – it's super sweet!