SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: September 13, 2012

Welcome to Thursday evening folks – just one day left to go before the weekend is here once again. Today we were finally given some actual details about the Wii U, and it's safe to say that anticipation is quite a bit higher now that we know it's release date and pricing. Nintendo started off early with pricing and release information for Japan, and later on in the day, gave us pricing and release date details for the US and European releases. We were also given a list of "launch window" titles for the Wii U, and we have to say – it looks pretty impressive.

We also found out that Bayonetta 2 will be a Wii U exclusive, as strange as that may seem, and Activision gave us some in-depth details about Black Ops II on Wii U. Nintendo gave us a glimpse at its own take on smart TV with Wii TVii, and this new feature has us intrigued, to say the least. We got word today that Apple's new Lightning adapters aren't going to work with some accessories, and the iPhone 5 event video was released as well, meaning you can watch the reveal of the new iPhone, along with the various iPod refreshes that were announced yesterday.

Apple has won a pretty big patent battle against Motorola in Germany, and today eBay revealed that it will soon have a new logo, ditching the old one after 17 years. Microsoft told us what it's doing to fight the spread of the Nitol Botnet earlier today, and we're hearing that Google threatened to cut Acer out of the Android party at one point in time. Samsung revealed its new Galaxy Victory 4G LTE earlier today, and we were treated to a list of availability by region for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shared his hopes for the iPhone 5 and told us what he thinks of the Apple-Samsung verdict, and that is definitely something you don't want to miss.Google showed off the first demo that was shot entirely shot with Glass today, and it seems that the trial run of Isis has been delayed to later date and won't be happening later this month. NVIDIA has introduced two new Kepler GPUs, and Shuttle Computer Handels has introduced its brand new OMNINAS KD20 2-bay NAS. Finally tonight, NASA has talked about plans to have a manned colony on the surface of the moon, which we have to admit has us pretty excited.

That's all for tonight's Evening Wrap-Up! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday night everyone!