Everything you need to know from Google IO 2016

This morning we've collected every bit of news from Google I/O 2016, sorting it all out into easily digestible bits. Each of the news items you'll find in our list below has a link (or more than one link) to a more in-depth related story. You can get the basics here, or drop in on whichever subjects you like to keep your mind reeling. Learn a little or learn a lot – whatever you want!

1. Allo and Duo

Google is set to launch its own competitors for the highly-used iMessage and Facetime apps on iPhone with their own chat app Allo and their own video chat app Duo. Both will be available soon.

There's a bot by the name @Google that we expect will be appearing in more products than just Allo

2. The Google Assistant

The Google Assistant was announced as the centerpiece in the company's ever-expanding help-you-anywhere software and hardware universe.

3. Android N

The future of Android will be in auto-updates. Android N is bringing its own version of multi-window for larger devices – tablets, which will be saved by this, mainly.

Google is asking for your name suggestions for Android N.

4. Daydream

It's time for the age of Daydream. Google's newest VR project and platform is ready for Dev Kit use.

5. Tango

Google's project formerly known as Project Tango will be integrated in to Android N. That means all future Android devices could – potentially – have Tango abilities. They just need to fit the spec.

6. Android Wear 2.0

Released in Beta mode for those developers looking to get in on the action as soon as possible, Android Wear 2.0 is set to be released to the general public in coming months.

7. Google Home

Want to make your home smart by buying in to Google's future system? Have a peek at Google Home, why don't you? That's where it'll be at.

8. Android Instant Apps

The newest way in which Google will erase steps between you and the app experiences developers have made for you goes by the name Android Instant Apps. In that, users will soon be able to link to bits inside of apps, those links able to open a piece of an app for any user without needing to download the whole thing.

9. Android on Chrome

It was foretold that Andriod apps would one day run on Chrome OS Chromebooks. It is time. If you want Android apps on Chrome OS, you are in luck. That's about to happen in a big way.

10. Android Auto

Waze will be coming to Android Auto with OK Google triggers well on the way.

BONUS: Paint Robot

There is no Google I/O. There is only Paint Robot.

For more information on Android, head to our Android hub. For more from Google I/O 2016, drop in on our Google I/O portal!