Android N naming begins

Today Google's next version of Android, Android N, has had its naming process begin. Imagine that – Google doesn't know what to call its next version of Android. Previous versions have been desserts. One year Google even collaborated with a real candy maker to make KitKat. Now they're having a bit of trouble – or so they suggest. As such, they've asked users of all sorts to submit suggestions.

To get in on naming the next Android, currently still called Android N, users will have to go to There they'll be presented with a place to submit names aplenty.

According to Google's Dave Burke, Google would rather not name this version of Android Namey MC Nameface, and the brand reserves the right to choose whichever name they like best. Good luck, internet.

The video you're about to see shows the naming process that goes on at Google. Delve deep into the process and find out what you'll have to do to summon the courage to find a name yourself.

You'll also want to have a peek at our Android N history here on SlashGear to find out what it'll very likely be called. Tasty treats of all sorts.