Markkus Rovito

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San Francisco, CA
E.W. Scripps School Of Journalism At Ohio University
Pro And Consumer Audio Gear, DJ And Music Creation Hardware And Software, Electric Vehicles
  • Markkus puts his audio technology penchant into practice as a performing musician and DJ, both at live venues and streaming.
  • He started covering electric vehicles in 2009 and has traveled multiple times to four European countries to test drive EVs.
  • Due to a once-unhealthy obsession with synthesizers and audio gear, Markkus can tell you both how to set up a home recording studio, and why you probably shouldn't.


Markkus is a technology media pro thoroughly preoccupied with music and audio, and the people and things that create them. He's worked on-staff at Electronic Musician, Maximum PC, DJ Tech Tools, Maximum Tech, Keyboard, E-Gear, and Remix, as well as contributed to Mix, MusicTech, Gearspace, and other fine outlets. Markkus is also an enthusiast of regenerative and/or zero-waste systems and the circular economy, and believes in the responsibility to technology part of a more efficient world. In 2009, he joined Charged EVs to cover the movement to electrify transportation. Later he joined the Autodesk Redshift publication as a contributing editor, branching out into the architecture, construction, and manufacturing technology that makes the modern world run. The award-winning Redshift team tells the the stories of companies large and small that attempt to do more with less and make a world that works for everyone.


Markkus attended the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, earning a degree in Magazine Journalism. His coverage of music and movies as a staff writer for the independent student newspaper, The Post, won a stipend for traveling to absorb arts and culture.
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