The Daily Slash: November 22 2010

Oh my goodness the padness of today. Let me tell you all about it, then, if you're into new ways of chipping around, let Douglas L. Davis tell you all about it. First, lets get Douglas L Davis out of the way – he works at Intel and had a reconfigurable atom chip for you. Then we've got a Synology DiskStation DS211 review that I bet flew under a lot of folks radars as it was out late Friday. Then our Week with NOOKcolor began with Hardware on Saturday, Avi wrote an amazing column on 2014 VS 1984, Don tells us why his Wii is dusty, and iOS 4.2 is released for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.Then it gets really exciting: e-paper on regular paper, we get our hands on a Dell Inspiron Duo, and Notion Ink's Adam tablet receiving its very own webpage – wowzers! All this and MORE on The Daily Slash!SlashSECURITY

If you're living in the United States of America and have been for the past few weeks or so, or better yet have a connection to the internet and read basically any English news site, you've probably come in contact with a horror story regarding the TSA's policies regarding their radiationtastic x-ray machine the Backscatter or their pat-down techniques. Today a story has arisen from a blogger by the name of Matt Kernan who was told he'd have to go through this TSA checkpoint. A quote from Kernan in response to a TSA manager telling him their policy: "I am aware that it is policy, but I disagree with the policy, and I think that it is unconstitutional. As a U.S. citizen, I have the right to move freely within my country as long as I can demonstrate proof of citizenship and have demonstrated no reasonable cause to be detained." Matt Kernan, after 2.5 hours of reasoning with several levels of authority, was allowed through TSA security without being scanned or patted down, his constitutional rights fully in-tact. Read his full account at NO BLASTERS!

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