Intel Reveals their First Reconfigurable Atom Chip

Those people who make all kinds of chips, Intel, revealed today a configurable Atom processor series by the name of E600C. It was introduced back in September with the name Stellarton and can accommodate a range of memory interfaces, high-speed connections, and standard or user-defined I/O interfaces. The E600C will include an Altera Field Programmable Gare Array (FPGA) and will (hooray) allow for a bigger range of specific chips to be sold on the market without the need for giant hardware changes. Each chip includes an extended 7-year lifecycle manufacturers support. Let Douglas L. Davis tell you all about it!

Each chip can be custom tailored for communications gear, vision systems, VoIP devices, high-performance programmable logic controller, embedded computers, industrial machines, and portable medical equipment. Kontron already has some E600C-based prototype boards ready to go, and the whole show will be on the road Q2 of 2011. The range (E665CT, E645CT, E665C and E645C) will arrive inside 2 months, while E625CT and E625C will be shipping Q1 of 2011. Bulk prices will be anywhere from $61 to $106. Exciting! Watch the video here:

[Via Electronista]