Viacom block Google TV: no Comedy Central, MTV, VH1 or more

Viacom has become the latest content provider to block Google TV from accessing its streaming content, meaning shows on networks including Comedy Central, MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon are now no longer available to watch on Google's STB. GTVHub spotted the "sorry, this content is unavailable for your device" message when trying to tune in to full episodes over the weekend, though some shorter clip content still works.

Meanwhile a user agent fix – which changes the way the Google TV's Chrome browser presents itself to sites, and which currently allows for content to be streamed to the STB – currently functions as a workaround, but it's entirely possible that Viacom will block that as well. Like other networks, the company is probably angling for an official licensing deal with Google.

Fox blocked Google TV last week, adding their name to a list of unhappy content providers that includes ABC, CBS and NBC. It remains to be seen what Google will do in response; the company is yet to make an official comment.