Verizon LTE SIM Cards Showing up in Some Verizon Stores

With Verizon getting ready to launch their 4G LTE-based network in just a matter of weeks, there's no surprise that the company would be getting their retail locations ready for what's to come. We know that there aren't any handsets being readied for the initial roll-out, but that doesn't mean that the USB modems and netbooks won't need their own LTE 4G SIM cards.

The photo does indeed show a 4G-branded SIM card, with the Verizon logo present as well. As we mentioned above, Verizon won't have any handsets ready to go right off the bat, but the SIM cards should be used for USB modems, as well as notebooks that get green-lit for 4G connectivity. With the LTE launch due in December, at least a few Verizon customers out there are counting down the days until they can access the faster speeds.

[via Droid-Life]