Why my Nintendo Wii has been collecting dust

Now, before I start talking about why my Wii has been collecting dust, let me just make this clear: I have been a fan of Nintendo products since the 1980s. And each new Nintendo console typically finds its way into my home on launch day. I also enjoy The Legend of Zelda and the Mario franchise.But that doesn't mean that I won't criticize the Wii.[Image credit: Richard Lemarchand]

Over the past five months, I have not booted up my Nintendo Wii. However, I have been playing games. In fact, I've played so many games as of late that I've had to pull myself back a bit to ensure I don't get ahead of the long list of titles that I plan to beat in the coming year.

But during that period, I haven't found a single compelling Wii title that makes me want to put down a competitor on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. It's not that I haven't been searching — trust me, I have — but I simply look at the Wii library and find a slew of casual games that are every now and then punctuated by a so-called "core" title.

Now, I realize that such a complaint is nothing new to the Wii, and a lot of people in my position have had the same reaction. But I'm a little concerned. The Nintendo Wii is the world's best-selling video game console. It's also home to several outstanding franchises, most notably Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. It has a lot going for it.

But it's also home to a motion technology that isn't so new anymore. And it's being met with competition in Sony's PlayStation Move, that at least in my experience, works exceptionally well, compared to the Wii. And all that fails to mention the value consumers will continue to see in the Microsoft Kinect, which delivers motion-gaming fun without the controller. Simply put, the key revenue driver for the Wii isn't so unique and compelling any longer.

Of course, that probably won't stop Nintendo from continuing to enjoy strong sales this holiday season. But it does make me wonder how much longer I will keep the Wii hooked up to my television, rather than disconnect it to free up precious electrical outlet space behind my entertainment center.

Looking at the upcoming Wii release calendar, Donkey Kong Country Returns certainly appeals to me, and I suppose I should (finally) try out Goldeneye 007. But other than that, I'm bored by both what's available and what's coming out soon.

It goes beyond games. Although the Wii has Netflix, I don't go to that device to access content. Instead, I typically choose my Apple TV or my PlayStation 3, now that it also offers support for Hulu Plus. It also helps that the PS3 has a Blu-ray drive, making it even more viable.

Simply put, I'm seeing few reasons to use the Wii much anymore. Although I believe the console has merit and provides a viable experience for some gamers, for me, it's starting to lose its value.

Who else is with me?