SlashGear Week in Review - Week 33 2010

Time files we you are having fun, it's time again for another Week in Review. Some details of the coming Samsung Galaxy Tab surfaced in a new firmware update this week in Europe. The details point to the Android tablet having a 480 x 800 resolution screen, two cameras, and an ARM11 CPU.

An Apple manager was arrested early in the week for allegedly taking kickbacks from makers of iPhone and iPod accessories. The kickbacks totaled about a million dollars according to authorities. A DIY geek took his MacBook Air and cobbled it together with a Magic Trackpad. The result looks like the Asus Eee keyboard computer a bit.

That sweet Toshiba Libretto W100 with the dual touchscreens got its own unboxing and video review this week. The little computer is one of the coolest things Toshiba has ever made. We reviewed the Plantronics M100 Bluetooth headset on Tuesday. We really liked the device and it works as well as the Discovery 975 we reviewed not too long ago in a more compact design.

The Verizon iPhone and iPad may be about to go into field testing according to some rumors. The rumor surfaced from some geeks looking at a block of code that allows the iPhone to be activated without iTunes. A cool new 3D camera from Fujifilm called the W3 went official over in the UK. The camera has dual lenses and CCDs and can take plain old 2D photos if you want.

Poor old Asus was forced to inform investors and Wall Street that it was having to reduce its shipping estimates for netbooks. The company points the finger in part at the iPad for taking so many netbook buyers into tablet territory along with the overall slowing of the netbook market. Nikon debuted a new camera sporting a projector early in the week called the S1100pj. The new camera has a projector that is much brighter than the first projector cam the firm offered and will ship in September for $349.99.

Blackberry has fired blanks with the Torch it seems. The handset reportedly only sold 150,000 units its first weekend making the launch very disappointing. Pandigital is set to toss a new eReader onto the market that runs Android and has a matte finish 7-inch TFT LCD screen with full color. The thing can read books, check email, stream video and more.

ioSafe has added a new SoloPro external rugged HDD to its line. The new offering addresses one of the only shortcomings of the original by adding USB 3.0 and eSATA connectivity to the options. Gamers in Japan will be able to get a really cool PS3 bundle starting in November. The bundle will have a blue color and come with Gran Turismo 5.

Stream TV is going to be launching a new tablet to fight the iPad called the eLocity A7. The tablet will have a 7-inch screen and run Android with a launch date pegged for August 24. Wednesday we reviewed the mid 2010 update of the iMac Core i7 AIO computer. We figure it's a well-rounded machine that is a fitting replacement for most traditional desktop computers.

Shuttle announced three new ready to ship versions of its thin XS35 HTPC this week. The three versions included mild general use rigs up to an Ion packing HD ready beastie. A company called PS Jailbreak has unveiled a cool solution for hacking your PS3 to play games and home brew software straight from the HDD. The good news is the solution is all software with no need to open your PS3.

The RIM BlackPad will reportedly have a new OS built by QNX software systems. Could this be because the Blackberry 6 OS was not exactly as exciting as RIM had hoped? LG is set to cram NVIDIA Tegra 2 graphics into its new smartphones. The two companies announced a partnership recently and the phones are expected later this year.

Sanyo pulled the wraps off a new Xacti dual camera this week. The VPC-PD2BK can shoot full 1080p 30p video and has a 3x optical zoom lens and records stereo sound. BitFenix unveiled its Colossus computer case this week that is one of the coolest cases I have ever seen. The thing has USB 3.0, lots of bays, and an awesome design.

HP has announced that its webOS tablet will be getting official in early 2011. This is the tablet that everyone figured HP had in mind when it bought Palm, I hope it doesn't suck. The new Halo Reach video game has been leaked ahead of the official launch. The game was downloaded off the Microsoft servers after being put there for reviewers when hackers figured out a way to get around the need for a special code to download the game. Thanks for reading this edition!